Types of Authentic Chinese Tea [Complete List 2021]

  As its original producer and cultivator, it’s no surprise that the art of tea is embedded in China’s culture and history. In China, teas aren’t just simple beverages you drink when you’re thirsty. Teas are also central to their spiritual relaxation, and the process of drinking teas also has its own set of etiquettes and related ethics. Additionally, teas have health benefits you definitely wouldn’t want to miss. Know More About Your Favorite Chinese Tea Nowadays, the consumption of tea is spread throughout the world, with most countries having their own variation and unique preparation processes. Still, nothing beats traditional Chinese teas, and fortunately, there are many places you can look.  Before you go tea-shopping, it’s best to know...

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How to Make Chinese Teas: Ultimate Guide to Drinking Chinese Tea

  For many people, nothing beats greeting the morning with a nice cup of tea. Its invigorating, clean taste evokes a feeling of calmness and mindfulness. For more than four millennia, tea has delighted, inspired, and satisfied countless drinkers in all corners of the world. Olivia Yang, the author of The Art of Drinking Tea, said that “the Chinese are, without any doubt, the right people to understand everything about tea.” For thousands of years, the Chinese have practiced and maintained the art of tea cultivation, preparation, and consumption. As tea is deeply ingrained in Chinese culture, it is best to learn about it from them. Keep reading to know more about the utterly rich Chinese tea culture. Traditional Chinese...

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10 Benefits of Drinking Chinese Tea That You Should Know

  In China, drinking tea is mostly a cultural thing with the majority of the people drink tea throughout the day. Chinese teas can be traced back all the way to the Tang Dynasty and were first discovered in 2737 BCE, by the Chinese Emperor Shen Nong. In the Chinese culture, tea is considered of the seven necessities of life. There are five basic categories of teas in China; white, green, oolong, black and post-fermented (Puerh). Chinese tea is almost as recognizable as Kung Fu is in the Chinese culture. Tea is actually drunk more frequently for healthy living than it is for thirst. Different types of Chinese Tea White Tea - White is made from steeping the dried immature...

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