History of Chinese Tea

Thousands of years

We want to bring the best Chinese tea to you, and also the rich tradition behind it.

Early 8th Century

Started to popularize during Tang Dynasty.

silk road start trades tea

11th Century

The Silk Road expedited the tea's commerciality.

tea crossed oceans

16th Century

Crossed the oceans to other countries.

many tea businesses

19th Century

More and more people in China involved in tea business.

growth of tea industry

20th Century

Active growth in tea-producing areas in China because of unique weather and suitable altitude.

great chinese teas


Every 3 cups of tea drank, one is Chinese Tea.

People began to cultivate tea shrubs 3000 years ago. It is regarded as a zen-like drink - representing both physical and spiritual.

chinese tea spirits philosophies purity harmony respect truth
tea leaves
Allow a moment of silence - by sipping, smelling and drinking our tea. The world is always busy, but you don’t have to.
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