Best teas are still inside China

One in every three cups of tea drank around the world is Chinese tea.

The irreplaceable factors

experienced and best craftsmanship chinese tea
Most experienced craftsmanship

Tea was invented in China 4500 years ago. The cultivation of tea has been gradually developed - now delivering the best teas in the world.
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china oldest tea trees make best tea
Oldest tea trees

Many tea trees in China are over 100 years old. The older the tree, the deeper the roots have spread to better absorb and retain minerals. Most experts also regard them as better tasting.

china most suitable locations
Most suitable locations

The best teas require a combination of high altitude (usually >1000m), suitable number of hilly areas, right amount of rainfall, and warm temperatures. China has 'em all.

What this means for you

Purely natural. Better taste. More nutrients.

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Fine teas actually seldom leave China

great teas from china

China produces the most teas in the world, about 1.2 billion kgs each year, but more than 90% of these teas are consumed within the country. With distribution channels controlled by large producers, international consumers often receive poor quality, mass produced teas.

We think everyone deserves a good cup of tea. That's why we're here.

source tea from different locations china
Spent 10 months visiting 7 tea-producing provinces in China.

We lived with the farmers in order to find the most authentic, high quality teas for you.

our chinese teas are from different provinces
tasted many teas to find the best for you
Tasted over 120 types of teas to find the best in each category of teas.

We don't have many types of teas, because we're extremely selective. We pick only the finest.


Our mission is simple, yet important: Drinking Chinese teas make us feel alive, and we want to share them with the world. Our hometowns are actually in Yunnan and Fujian (2 of the largest tea lands). We do it by sourcing the most authentic and quality teas directly from them, plus other tea-producing areas in China. Since we understand the places and speak the dialects, we're able to find the finest Chinese teas, at the best possible price.

We've been great friends since college and we’ve built Borntea to reflect our belief and passion: company exists to make the world a better place.

- Leo & Ray

borntea founders
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