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Tea originated in China more than 4,500 years ago. Its geographical advantages, such as high altitudes and perfect climate, have birthed some of the highest quality teas on Earth. We’ve relied on our homeland and its offerings for our teas, each sourced by hand from the same land as our ancestors.

We’re At Home In China

We know the land, speak the dialects, and can source the highest quality teas direct from farmlands that date back four millenium. This means no middlemen, which means lower prices for you.

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The Most Experienced Craftsmanship

Tea was invented in China 4500 years ago. The cultivation of tea has been gradually developed - now delivering the best teas in the world.

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china oldest tea trees make best tea
The Older, The Better

Most tea trees in China are more than 100 years old. The older the tree, the deeper the roots have spread to better absorb and retain minerals, which leads to tea leaves that taste better—it’s that simple.

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Location Is Everything

The best teas need a combination of high altitude ( >1000m), rolling hills, warm temperatures, and just the right amount of rainfall. It just so happens that China has ‘em all.

10 months of travelling

Lived with farmers in 7 tea-producing provinces in China.

spend time drinking tea

700+ hours spent drinking tea

We drink more tea than water (we're not kidding).

many people tasted our tea

100+ people testing

Assessed by 10 top tea experts from Yunnan, and 100 general public.

tasted many types of teas

120+ types of teas tasted

We have tasted different types of tea in different seasonsfinding the perfect ones for you

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Best craftmanship. Century-old farmlands. Top quality control.

Our Farms

We partner with historical family-run farms that understand best practices of tea production. Our team in China has been producing some of the best Chinese teas since 1900, and we work closely with them to ensure BornTea is the finest and most authentic tea in the world.

sustainable farmlands source teas

High Levels of Quality Control

To create the best teas, an optimal production environment is essential. Our factories are under very strict monitoring for temperature management, safety, and employee happiness.

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Our Process

Making the Complex Simple

(Plucking leaves)

Plucking tea leaves at the right moment, during the right season is an important first step.


This helps reduce moisture and soften the tea leaves, which assists in the rolling and drying process.


(Sun drying)

This step is responsible for creating many flavor compounds, while at the same time improving the tea’s appearance.


This denatures some enzymes to halt the oxidative browning of tea leaves. Simply put, it makes our tea taste better.


Twisting and breaking the leaves to release natural juices and help activate enzymes that initiate oxidation.


It twists and breaks the leaves to release the natural juices. This action activates enzymes that help to initiate oxidation, also gives the leaves a curly appearance.


This is when the tea’s aroma, color, and flavor are formed. The longer the oxidation process, the darker the tea.


By removing excess water from withering, the tea further develops its unique color, smell, and taste.

Enjoy tea’s natural health benefits, in the most natural way.

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