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If anything in life should be simple, it’s your drink for daily hydration. So while other beverage makers are adding more, we’re taking things away. Things like additives, sweeteners, and unnatural flavors. When all that’s stripped away, the only thing left in our drink is the only thing that matters: all-natural, high-quality tea with a taste that reimagines the traditions of Chinese tea.

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china developed most experienced craftmanship for teas
All-Natural, Only One Real Ingredient

Only one ingredient in your drink: real tea. Made from high-quality, whole leaf tea directly from the origins of teamaking, it's all handcrafted and original.

china has the oldest tea trees to produce the best chinese teas
Naturally Sweet, No Sugar

Adding cold water to our quality tea won’t extract bitter elements commonly tasted with tea. It has a mild, refreshing flavor—you can taste the subtle notes of goodness.

china has the best locations to produce teas
Good for the Earth

Re-use every tea packet 3-4 times with our refillable bottle. We use only biodegradable tea packets, and our teas come straight from sustainable family farms.

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Don't Just Take Our Word For It @born.tea

Finally no more random stuff in my drink! I feel like I'm only drinking the healthful things that naturally present in quality teas and nothing more. And I can refill it 4 times, no more single-use plastic bottles!

- Linda S., Art Director, USA

china has the oldest tea trees to produce the best chinese teas

Fast, but no trade-off in quality. When I'm tired of drinking water, this is my thing. No sugar is needed to make it tasty. It helps with my sweet cravings during work! I love it so much!

- Carmen L., Graphics Designer, UK

china has the best locations to produce teas

It's the best unsweetened tea I've ever had in my life. Who knows you can drink tea like this. No more LaCroix, Honest Tea, "sugar-free" drinks for me.

- Kevin M., Digital Marketer, USA

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