We're building a more harmonious place on earth.

Since day one, our mission has been to provide quality and natural Chinese teas to the world, and to build a better eco-system and society for the earth. This is important - we hope you can join our mission to make the world a more harmonious place. Here are what we do:

Encouraging a simple and healthy life

Supporting sustainability

Delivering more values along the chain

Serving the elderly in need

1. Encouraging a simple and healthy life

Nowadays, it is handy to find tea bags and blended teas with artificial flavours. We think tea should be just as simple as living our life. We commit to our principle and only offer natural tea. We source traditional Chinese tea which is naturally healthy and nothing is added to it.

We encourge minimal packaging: All packaging materials are recyclable/reusable, and we use 50% fewer materials than traditional Chinese tea packaging.

2. Supporting sustainability

Sustainability integrates three main goals

experienced and best craftsmanship chinese tea
Environmental health

We partner with local farmlands that are over 50 years old. We work closely with them based on the prediction of orders - so we can plan and utilize the tea land fully. By doing so, the quality of soil and the yield are both improved.

china oldest tea trees make best tea
Economic impact

Traditionally tea growers and pluckers only earn a fraction of the price tea fetches on the international market and of what is paid in shops. We have a much lower markup because of our new distribution model, so we can pay a fair and better price to the farmers to ensure what they deserve. Learn more about our story.

china most suitable locations
Heritage preservation

Respecting and preserving heritages are important. All of the teas are hand-picked and hand-crafted, making sure you taste what you see. Here is how our tea is made.

3. Delivering more values along the chain with our new model

In the old supply chain, teas were handled by many middlemen, especially the teas to be exported. This raises the cost and negatively impacts the freshness of the tea, especially green and white tea.

save cost for customers cut middleman

We think a great cup of quality tea should be naturally healthy and inexpensive. We've developed a different and better model that delivers quality natural tea at much lower prices to increase value for you and the farmers. Learn more about how we travelled in different provinces to source the teas

4. Serving the elderly in need

For each box delivered, we'll serve 10 cups of teas to the elderly living alone or in nursing homes. We'll drink tea together and enjoy the time.

We understand sometimes the elderly may feel lonely and isolated. In China, tea drinking is part of a family’s routine. We hope to spread the value behind this activity. We encourage everyone to spend more time with the elderly, drink some tea together, and enjoy the moment. 

We're building a more harmonious place on earth.

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