World's First: Instant Cold-brew Tea™

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Just add cold water to our tea, shake, sip and refill. It's the most natural cold drink besides water, just single-origin tea and nothing else. Real ingredients, convenience, great taste, waste-free - they are not mutually exclusive.

Each packet is designed to be refillable throughout the day (min. 3 times). Less than 1.00 per drink. Learn more about why we use Chinese tea.

Drink Plan Details:

1stA reusable BPA-free bottle with 2 packets (Dragon Well Green Tea and Black Tea)

Ongoing Refills: Combo Pack - 12 sachets with seasonal flavors. Save 20%, only 14.90. Cancel/pause anytime.

While other beverage makers are adding more to make their drink tasty, we’re going back to basics with three high-quality, all-natural options, all with just one ingredient: tea.

how to use fast cold-brew tea shaking

Natural hydration meets unrivaled taste in a sustainable product.
It’s the best of three worlds.

coldbrew teas bottle

Just One Real Ingredient

Instead of asking ourselves “what can we add?”, we choose to ask “what can we take away?” First, we nixed any unnatural flavors. Then, we got rid of all additives. What we ended up with is just: all-natural tea, cold-brewed in less than 10s.

coldbrew teas bottle by BornTea

Natural Sweetness, Without Sugar

Our cold-brew process reduces the release of bitter flavors that come from caffeine and tannins. The result is a tea that’s unbelievably refreshing, naturally sweet, and filled with subtle notes of goodness.

coldbrew teas bottle

Good For You, Good For The Earth

The tea sachet can be brewed for 4 times in our reusable, eco-friendly bottle - reducing the use of single-use plastic bottles. And 85% of our packaging is made from recycled materials. We also only work with sustainable, family-run farms from the origins.

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We make sure you’re getting the natural health benefits of tea, and nothing else.

Why Cold-brew is better:

chinese teas has more natural antioxidants to help you stay young
More Natural Antioxidants

Our Cold-brew keeps the natural antioxidants around, helping you stay young by fighting free radicals.

increase your metabolism together with BornTea chinese tea
Increase Your Metabolism, Naturally

Hot water can kill some of the natural catechins, an antioxidant that can increase metabolism by 16-18%.

Natural amino acid in chinese tea keeps you calm
Keep You Calm and Refreshed

With only 1/6 caffeine of a regular brewed coffee and a natural amino acid called L-theanine - it keeps you calm and refreshed without the jitters.

Cold brew by BornTea helps you gain more vitamin C
Naturally Higher in Vitamin C

The Cold-brew process naturally preserves its rich Vitamin C, which can be destroyed by heat, hence strengthening your overall immune system.

Sources:, "Cold Steeping Green Tea".
Journal of Food Science and Technology, "Effects of alternative steeping methods".

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Compared with other water-alternatives for daily hydration

Borntea's Instant
Cold-brew Tea
Soda / Flavored waterBottled teaJuice / Coconut water
Real ingredient with
natural health benefits
No any added ingredientsSometimes
No sugarSometimesSometimes
(no single-use bottle)
Straight from sustainable farms

Compared with other water-alternatives for daily hydration

A Better Process For a Better Tea

We believe the beauty is in the details. That’s why our proprietary process involves harvesting our whole-leaf teas by hand and use wood fire to dry them, rather than rely on machinery. So it’s not only that we don’t mass produce—thanks to our commitment to small-batch, chemical-free production, it’s that we can’t mass produce.

We don't extract, we don't add. We're like the porter of nature.

Handcrafted & High-Quality Tea

Every product we produce is made from 100% whole-leaf tea, sourced directly from the best regions in China. They come from sustainable, family-run tea farms located at high altitudes.

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biodegradable teabags

Biodegradable tea sachet

Our all-natural tea sachets are highly permeable and designed exclusively for cold-brewing. They’re completely biodegradable, too, so when you’re finished sipping, back to the earth it goes.

"Finally a delicious, additive-free cold drink that's naturally good for me, and the Earth. I will never go back to sodas and flavored drinks."
- Linda C., an early customer from California.

Some numbers

no artificial flavouring in BornTea products
Reduced the consumption of sugar-sweetened drinks by 718,209oz*

no plastic bottles
Reduced the use of 53,100 one-time plasic bottles since launch

*Each bottle is 400ml. The numbers are based on the data as of Nov 16 2018.

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