Chinese Pu-erh Tea - Shou (Ripe) Pu-erh Tea

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Ripe Puerh is a signature tea made from a large leaf varietal grown in Yunnan Province. Only aged tea that comes from this region can be called Puerh tea.

It is the piling of leaves that starts the fermentation process which creates heat and “cooks” the leaves. This adds a highly-prized complexity and depth to the tea, different from the green variety.

We pick the very high-quality ones. It's rich, smoky and woody. The taste will actually get better the longer you store it!

100g/3.5oz: approx. 85 x 240ml/8oz-cup

High Caffeine

Picked in Autumn 2021

What to look for

Short and dark leaves


Earthy and mellow aroma

In the cup

Dark and clear red


Light and crisp body with an earthy flavour and a balance of spring honey notes

Slowly, naturally aged

A testament to the authentic traditions

Health Benefits of Pu-erh Tea

The Shou Pu-erh Tea promotes weight loss, as some studies suggest that it helps synthesize new fats while burning the existing body fat. It also reduces cholesterol levels in the body and decreases fat accumulation—leading to boost liver health. Since there are antioxidants in the Shou Pu-erh Tea, it also inhibits cancer growth.

Direct from the origin

The Shou Pu-erh Tea was first developed by the Menghai Tea Factory and Kunming Tea. This is a relatively young tea as it was only invented in 1973, and was mass-produced by 1975. This tea is based on the formulations of provinces near Yunnan, made to mimic the taste of Sheng Pu-erh Tea without the need for a long aging process.

Farmer - Mr. Min

Mr. Min is a tea farmer and tea maker who promotes tea-making as a way of life. According to him, the beauty about making Shou Pu-erh Tea is that this type of tea is extremely flexible, and a lot of people are sure to enjoy this type of tea. Making different kinds of tea (with special mention to their specialty-- Shou Pu-erh Tea) is his family’s main form of livelihood. Mr. Min says, “the most critical part about making Shou Pu-erh Tea is to manipulate conditions to approximate the result of the aging process in a controlled environment.” This technique is called Wò Dūi, according to Mr. Min.

Farmland - Wan Lin House

Shou Pu-erh Tea is farmed and harvested in Wan Lin Tea House at Fenqing County, Yunnan Province. This area is known for creating Shou Pu-erh Tea and Black Tea – teas they consider their local specialty. These are harvested between the months of March to May and fermented for several months before being available to the general public.

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Brewing Method

Cup Method

Tea: 2 Teaspoons / 2g Tea

Teacup: 8.8oz / 250ml

Temp: 210℉ / 100℃

Brewing time: 3 - 5 mins

Gaiwan Method

Tea: 4g

Teacup: 4oz / 120ml

Temp: 210℉ / 100℃

8 Steeps: 15s, 20s, 25s, 40s, 60s, 80s, 80s, 100s

History of Shou (Ripe) Puerh

The Shou Pu-erh Tea is a relatively new tea compared to other more ancient varieties. It was only made back in the 1970s in a bid to produce more teas mimicking the taste of the Sheng Pu-erh Tea without having to wait for decades of fermentation. Nowadays, the Shou Pu-erh Tea is becoming one of the most flexible teas, as they are being flavoured with edible flowers, dried fruits, and spices in numerous tea houses.

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    Lyle A.

    I have ordered Puerh tea cake before, but it requires a lot of preperations. This puerh has the same taste but convienient to use.

    Karla R.

    I rebrewed the tea for several times. The taste lasts for so long. I can brew 10 cups of tea with small amount of the leaves.

    Shaun O.
    Great social mission

    I like how Borntea is contribuing to the earth while providing great teas. They gave 10 cups of teas to elderly living alone. Not only their teas are flavorful. Their social mission is even greater.

    Wallace C.
    Value for money

    China town's puerh is really expensive, my parents and I like puerh a lot and it's great to know I don't have to buy those expensive ones in order to have the authentic feeling.

    Roosevelt H.
    Supreme tea

    This Puerh has a good quality. I steeped the tea in a mug for few minutes and it is not bitter at all.

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