Quality Chinese teas, affordable price.
Direct from sustainable, origin farms.

Premium loose leaf from origin farms

We've travelled to 14 provinces in China to discover the region’s best garden teas through personal relationships with skilled tea makers.

Honestly priced, from sustainable farms

By partnering with farms and selling directly to you online, we’re able to offer them at wholesale pricing. Better teas, lower price.

Highest purity - Triple Toxin Screening

All our teas are verified and certified by independent 3rd-party lab, to make sure they are free of things like pesticides and heavy metals.

We're locals - we speak the dialects, know the places and work directly with farmers.

We're locals - we speak the dialects, know the places and source directly from origins.

4500 years of craftsmanship in this tiny cup. The healthiest beverage besides water.

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Top quality. Sustainably sourced. Directly to you.

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Customer Reviews

Verified Buyer
Quality. Quality Quality.

I can never get this kind of quality at this price in tea shops near me.

- Kevin Smith, New York, USA

Verified Buyer
Teas from the birthplace! Unbelievable!

It's important for my family to know that the teas are from the origins but not some random tea lands...it's perfect.

- Luke Johnson, London, UK

Verified Buyer
So pure! Feel like I'm doing something very good to my body.

It's great to know they have passed all the tests! Much better than almost all Chinese tea brands in the market.

- Jenny Black, San Francisco, USA

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