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Natural tea leaves with 4000-year-old heritage. Get all of them for just 10. Straight from sustainable, rural family tea farms in China.

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How the Subscription Drink Plan works

First box - trial

Maybe it's the best cup of tea you've ever had – 5 natural flavors for just 10. Comes with self-fill biodegradable tea bags.

Ongoing shipments

20% off regular products, starts at 13. Free shipping. Switch to any teas you want. Every box is shipped from rural China directly.

You control the plan online

No commitment. Choose your own refill frequency. You can cancel/modify your plan directly from your profile page.

We're supporting sustainability

Sustainability integrates three main goals

experienced and best craftsmanship chinese tea
Environmental health

We only partner with local farmlands that are over 50 years old. We work closely with them based on the prediction of orders - so we can plan and utilize the tea land fully. By doing so, the quality of soil and the yield are both improved.

china oldest tea trees make best tea
Economic impact

We're eliminating all the middleman, so you're paying 35% less for the same quality, and farmers earn 30% more on average. Learn more about our story.

china most suitable locations
Heritage preservation

Respecting and preserving heritages are important. All of the teas are hand-picked and hand-crafted, making sure you taste what you see. Here is how our tea is made.

We're serving the elderly in need

For each box delivered, we'll serve 10 cups of teas to the elderly living alone or in nursing homes. We'll drink tea together and enjoy the time.

We understand sometimes the elderly may feel lonely and isolated. In China, tea drinking is part of a family’s routine. We hope to spread the value behind this activity. We encourage everyone to spend more time with the elderly, drink some tea together, and enjoy the moment. 

We source from their historical origins

teas from origins china

One of the sustainable family tea lands (Mr. Wang Ku Hao's) - located in Yunnan, China. It's over 100 years old, with an altitude higher than 2000m.

The most authentic way to make teas

Hand-picked. Natural drying. Nothing is added.

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