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The most original tea: Natural whole-leaf tea with 4000 years of heritage. 0 added flavor. Get them for just 10. Straight from teas' birthplaces in rural China.

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How the Drink Plan works

First box - trial

Maybe it's the best cup of tea you've ever had – 5 authentic flavors for just 10. Comes with self-fill biodegradable tea bags.

Ongoing shipments

Free shipping. 20% off regular products, starts at just 13. Easy to switch to any teas you want. Every box is shipped from China directly.

You control the plan online

No commitment. Choose your own refill frequency. You can cancel/modify your plan directly from your profile page.

Why best teas are in China

china developed most experienced craftmanship for teas
Most experienced craftmanship

Tea was originated from China 4500 years ago. The cultivation of tea has been gradually developed.
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china has the oldest tea trees to produce the best chinese teas
Oldest tea trees

Many tea trees in China are over 100 years old. The older the tree, the deeper the roots have spread to better absorb and retain minerals.

china has the best locations to produce teas
Most suitable locations

The best teas require a combination of high altitude (usually > 1000m), suitable number of hilly areas, right amount of rainfall, and warm temperatures. China has them all.

“ I will never go back to mass-produced tea bags again. They're just so different. ” - Martin W., from Canada, an early Borntea subscriber.

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We source from their historical birthplaces

teas from origins china

One of the sustainable family tea lands (Mr. Wang Ku Hao's) - located in Yunnan, China. It's over 100 years old, with an altitude higher than 2000m.

25% - 50% off premium tea shop prices

We're locals - speak the dialects and know the places - we can eliminate all middleman. No upcharges. At this quality, we dare to say we've already got the best possible price for you.

other sellers are expensive and pricey because markup and upcharges
borntea cuts all middleman and no upcharges

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For each box delivered, we'll serve 10 cups of teas to the elderly living alone or in nursing homes. We'll drink tea together and enjoy the time.

We understand sometimes the elderly may feel lonely and isolated. In China, tea drinking is part of a family’s routine. We hope to spread the value behind this activity. We encourage everyone to spend more time with the elderly, drink some tea together, and enjoy the moment. 

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