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The most natural cold drink ever.
Shake and go.

Once you’ve found the most authentic and quality tea on Earth, where would you go? To make cold-brew tea, but there’s a twist to it.

Lo and behold, with the invention of our proprietary tea-making process - you can now make cold-brew tea (just add cold water to the tea) in 1min, with all 100% natural ingredients.

Made of only 100% natural whole-leaf teas from China.

Tea: 0% random stuff

* authentic, quality teas from the best regions in China

* all from high-altitude (>1000m), sustainable family tea farms.

* highest standard: 1 leaf 1 bud

* Absolutely no artificial flavoring, preservatives and gluten.

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Tea Packet: designed in-house for cold-brewing exclusively

* fully biodegradable

* 100% natural

* no bleach or chlorine

* extremely high permeability

We only source from their historical birthplaces

teas from origins china

Refreshing hydration meets natural sweetness meets convenience.
It’s best of three worlds.

Naturally sweet. 0 sugar. 0 sweeteners.

It's unbelievably refreshing - our way of cold-brew reduces the release of bitter flavor that comes from caffeine (35% less) and tannins. We've tried 100+ original teas before picking our teas for cold-brewing. It's a taste of nature.

Naturally increase metabolism by 16% and high in antioxidants.

Borntea's cold-brew encourages the presence of natural catechin in teas, which is an antioxidant that can increase metabolism. It also keeps you look younger by fighting free radicals (Hooray!).

Ultimate convenience with our handy bottle

* Superior durability and toughness

* 100% natural

* Odor, taste, and stain resistant

* BPA-free

“You can’t get more natural and healthy than this, basically it’s just cold water and leaves. And it’s super refreshing. Who knows you can drink healthy cold drink so easily.”

- Caitlyn, previously a non-tea drinker, from New York.

Proprietary Tea-making Processes

To make quality whole-leaf teas fit for 1min cold-brewing, we improved the physical processes of tea-making, such as to use wood fire to dry the leaves and fine them by hands. That's why we can't mass-produce them and can only make them in small batches.

We never change the chemical processes or add any additives.

Backed By Science

Our Scientific Advisory Board is comprised of leading professors and tea experts. We work together to create the most convenient and natural way to make quality cold-brew tea using whole-leaf teas.

china developed most experienced craftmanship for teas
Professor Wang Ling, M.D.

Tea Department, Yunnan Agricultural University

Ma Meng, M.D.

Director, Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences

china developed most experienced craftmanship for teas
Professor Thomas Muller

Honorary Consultant, Nutrition Science Authority, Hong Kong

Built With Purpose

For each box delivered, we'll serve 10 cups of teas to the elderly living alone or in nursing homes. We'll drink tea together and enjoy the time.

We understand sometimes the elderly may feel lonely and isolated. In China, tea drinking is part of a family’s routine. We hope to spread the value behind this activity. We encourage everyone to spend more time with the elderly, drink some tea together, and enjoy the moment. 

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